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Cherisse Jamison is building a progressive media legacy with The Jamison Agency

Cherisse Jamison is building a progressive media legacy with The Jamison Agency
Photo courtesy of Kells Jamison

Cherisse Jamison, professionally known as “Aye Yo Kells,” is an award-winning publicist, media personality and successful entrepreneur. Known for founding The Jamison Agency, Keeping Up With Kells Media and the recently established network, Creatives Who Hustle, her rise in the industry is a matter of great inspiration, indomitable passion, and sheer determination.

How did you arrive at this career choice? Was it a deliberate decision or a gradual and natural evolution?

I come from a musical family so I always knew I would end up doing something in the entertainment business. This lifestyle was something I always had a passion for. I never really saw myself doing anything else. PR is something that naturally evolved within my career after writing music, owning my own media platform, journalism, and even working in the media personality space for a few years.

How do you stay at the leading edge of your craft?

I consistently educate myself. Reading books daily. Taking classes online. I am not afraid to ask questions, and I learn from experience. I also have a mentor that I work very heavily under, and she helps me stay on point.

What is unique to the experience that you create?

We work passionately for clients and keep complete transparency. We also push them to be the best versions of themselves with constant support. Building a genuine relationship is very important … together we are a team.

How do you map out your goals? 

I manifest first, pray about it, write down my specific goals, and I give myself an honest time frame to reach them. In 2021, I have reached every single goal [I set] this year.

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