Waka Flocka gives mental health tips to Black men for the holidays

On Dec. 3, Flame shared with rolling out his three mental health tips for Black men this holiday season.

  • “I heard somebody say, ‘Man, watch what you’re doing, you’ll lose yourself. It’s impossible to lose yourself if you’re still trying to find yourself.’”
  •  “We’re all growing up together. No matter who’s older than who, take some time to yourself, man. Really be calm, really be patient, really see things out for the bottom line and don’t live by the principle.”
  •  “It’s okay to grow up. It’s okay to make a mistake because failure and mistakes, technically, are learning experiences. You learn more [from losing] than you did when you actually won. It’s a reason that you didn’t win how you wanted to win because you had to fail to learn more. The moral of the story, man, you gonna grow from everything you’re going through.”

At the Hawks’ game, Flame partnered with the NBA franchise as a part of launching SKRIT, his new streetwear line.

“This collaboration I got going on with the Hawks is SKRIT is a Montreal, Canada-based clothing line,” he said. “I have a fire a– team from everybody. Shout out to the designers, shout out to Stally, Nelson, Peter, Denise. The whole SKRIT family and Atlanta Hawks as you’re seeing the vision with the line. Think it’s good for the city, man. It’s nice, clean, straight to the point, and it feels good.”

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