Danyelle and Dionna Gray empower women with Womanish exhibit

Why was it so important to you both to create this safe space for women?
Dionna: [We] are really into women’s empowerment. I think that — especially in this day and age — women’s voices have [been] silenced for so long. And now, especially with the different movements going on, women are starting to find their voice and their power. So just creating spaces that, not only women can feel beautiful and come take pictures, but also feel inspired and empowered, and learn a little more about themselves and things that affect them.

How do you capture women being multifaceted while breaking stereotypes?
Danyelle: What’s really cool about having the “ish” in Womanish, is every room in our exhibit has a different edge. As you said, women are multifaceted. There are so many aspects of us that make up a woman, we’re not just one thing, we’re composed of so many different, ideas, topics, feelings, and things of that nature. So that was really important to us to really try to showcase some of the topics. It was really cool to work with a female production team, all women artists. That was something that was really important to do. Because if we wanted to create a space for a woman, we wanted it to be built by women because no one knows us like we know ourselves.

Check out the WOMANISH exhibit on Thursday-Sunday in Chicago or Miami. Tickets for a 75-minute experience range from $35-$55. For more details visit wearewomanish.com.

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