Tarcus Allen and SCurl are helping athletes look good on and off the field

How are you continuing to inspire women who are looking to become brand managers?

I would encourage any woman to seek out mentors in the field that you’re in. My mentors have really helped guide me in professional development, answering questions that I have, and telling me what type of education I need to continue to seek, whether it’s classes or any type of certifications. Mentors really help you understand and navigate the next step. I would encourage anyone in their respective fields to seek out a mentor. I’m a female working on the male side. I’m fortunate that the owners and the staff here, they helped me a lot, because my sports knowledge isn’t that great. That’s something I’ve learned quickly. I enjoy the game of football and basketball. I never played organized sports, but when you’re dealing with a man’s brand, your sports knowledge has got to be up there.

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