Catherina Malone-Taylor touts the importance of the Black Mental Health Guide

Catherina Malone-Taylor touts the importance of the Black Mental Health Guide
Catherina Malone-Taylor (Photo credit: Kevin Russell)

Catherina Malone-Taylor is the founder of the Black Mental Health Guide. She provides Black mental health professionals with the infrastructure to grow a sustainable practice through branding, operational logistics, client retention and community outreach. Her extensive education has equipped her to be a diversity and inclusion strategist within many organizations. Rolling out spoke with Malone-Taylor about the Black Mental Health Guide, providing value to the community, and the importance of working with a therapist who understands your experience.

How does what you do add value to the community?

I am an alliance in communication with corporations and organizations to create a space for Black mental health in a workspace. I teach Black-owned private practices the infrastructure needed to operate efficiently in their business while creating a presence in Black communities. I establish partnerships with global brands to enhance awareness to Black mental health no matter what their followers’ ethnicity is. I show community leaders how essential Black therapists are to their communities. I educate many small-business owners [about] how imperative mental health services are for their teams.

What are your thoughts on how the Black community embraces mental health?

It is a combination of things. I am elated that we are talking more about the need of going to therapy. However, I want people to physically go to therapy because it is [about] more than just talking to someone.

Why is it important for someone to have a therapist who understands their life experience?

It is important because it allows the person to give them a path in their journey for their validation, transparency and authenticity.

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