Josh Williford says consistency is key to becoming a content creator

Josh Williford says consistency is key to becoming a content creator
Photo courtesy of Josh Williford and Cariece Peck/Publicist

Josh Williford, known as “The Rapping Chef,” is a content creator on TikTok who uses his lyrics and cooking skills to engage his viewers. He talked with rolling out about creating his lane by making TikTok videos, learning how to cook and his new partnership with Denny’s.

What got you into rapping?

I was a huge Lil Wayne stan. I was probably his number one fan. That was the first concert I ever went to. I was just obsessed to the point where after high school graduation, I was like, I have the tools to rap, so let me drop me something. So I was using my Macbook and GarageBand. I was playing around with that making music, making little freestyles, made a few mixtapes and made some videos. I just loved to rap. It was Little Wayne that inspired me. I wanted to be like him so I hopped in a booth.

Was there a specific thing that worked for you when you became famous on TikTok?

Like everything else you do, you have to be consistent because you have to feed your followers. If you don’t feed your followers then they’re not going to really check for you. Consistency is huge. Having good content to post is huge. TikTok has been life-changing to me. TikTok has put me on The Kelly Clarkson Show, The Nick Cannon Show and I’m here with you today. TikTok has just brought me all these amazing opportunities and brand deals. I just partnered with Denny’s, and I’m going to have my own menu item. TikTok changed my life, and it’s only getting better.

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