Josh Williford says consistency is key to becoming a content creator

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Inspiration as far as the recipes and food, just come from what I like and comes from family. On Thanksgiving, I made a chitlin video. And that comes from my aunt and my grandmother because they make the best chitlins. So I was like, I can do this. Some inspiration comes from the other food creators on the app. They may do something that I see that I like and I want to recreate. As for the music aspect of the videos, it’s whatever songs are popular right now. I try to remix it and do it, or just one that I liked from back in the day because I’ll go and do an old-school instrumental.

Give the people three tips to becoming a content creator.

First of all, find a niche, find something that you can make a lot of videos about, find a specific niche because that’s going to be super beneficial. That’s going to make all the brands and outlets reach out to you because you have a specific audience. Number two, stay consistent. You have to feed your fan base. And third, I would say just speak confidence and be confident knowing that what you’re putting out is good, because people can see that.

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