Charles Gregory offers 3 tips to aspiring fashion stylists

Charles Gregory offers 3 tips to aspiring fashion stylists
Photo courtesy of Christopher D. Weaver/ Oracle Media Relations

Charles Gregory is a certified personal stylist and image consultant based in Philadelphia. He talked with rolling out about his passion for fashion, his favorite stylists, and his vision is as an image consultant.

Why did you get into fashion?

It always was in me. Kudos to my brother, he has always been a fashionable person. I took a little bit from him, and then you have my grandmother, she sewed a lot, and you just start to pick up a few different things. Ever since I was in high school, I was always deemed kind of like, the fashionable guy, and it just stayed with me.

What are three tips you would give to people that want to be fashion stylists?

The first thing I would tell them is to reach out to a fashion stylist who has been doing certain things and understand the network that they’re into. I will also tell them don’t get caught up on the bag.  A lot of people get caught up on the bag and making that money. Unfortunately, being a wardrobe stylist isn’t as glamorous as people think it is. Do it because you love it, and do it because you want to get your name out there. The last tip would be to understand that with wardrobe, you’re only scratching the surface, and it’s something bigger than that. Once you realize and understand the “why,” you go through the glass ceiling. As a wardrobe stylist, you only can do so much.

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