Cameka Smith of The BOSS Network is funding Black women business owners

What are some of your greatest challenges as you run your business?

The single greatest barrier to success for new businesses and startups is access to capital, and minorities make up less than 1% of founders that get investment.

What is the BOSS Network Impact fund and why is it important?

The BOSS Network Impact Fund is a partnership between Sage and The BOSS Network, working together to remove barriers that impact African American women in business by providing funding to support female entrepreneurs of color in the first five years of their business. In the inaugural year, the joint program will give $10,000 in grants to 25 awardees and will provide coaching, curriculum, connecting while removing capital barriers in order to help this group achieve success. Grant award winners will also participate in quarterly business training with [a] curriculum developed specifically for them.

In order to qualify you must check three boxes:

  1. Be a Black woman entrepreneur
  2. Be in the first 5 years of business
  3. Have a need for business funding

If you qualify and are interested, you can apply at or We are accepting applications until Friday, February 25, 2022. The grant application process is powered by HelloAlice, a grant funding platform designed for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Consistency is key. Nothing happens overnight but with hard work, dedication and a strong network you can accomplish anything.

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