Check out Chris Benjamin’s Jeep® Grand Wagoneer collab with Jalen Rose

What would you say about your collaboration with Jalen Rose?

As Jalen said, after high school, you’re just starting your journey, it is just beginning. That’s when it’s all starting to take shape. If you don’t have a plan, a map or some guidance, someone to show you the way, it’s 10 times harder. I can tell you, it was 10 times harder for me. I know for you Jalen, it was the same thing. When you’re mapping that course by yourself, it’s tough enough as it is. That’s why we feel so strongly about what Jalen is doing with the Leadership Academy and are so supportive of it because a lot of the guys on my team grew up that same way. We appreciate and know what the hustle is like. We stand behind it 100%.

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