Sherman Kizart discloses how setting goals helped him become a CEO

How do you set goals for yourself and achieve them?

I’ll give it to you in the context of when COVID hit us. So there was a reset I had to make around how I operated, how I did business, how I goal set. And thankfully, I think I approached it in a thoughtful enough way that put me in front of some things as COVID was taking place, as opposed to being in the tail. There’s nothing worse than being in the tail. You got to find a way and make a decision about being in front of opportunities, whether it’s right or wrong. If it’s wrong, you can always adjust, but you got to evaluate, make a decision and get in front of it. And that was one of the things that I was able to do around how I set new goals for me, my company and how we operate, and I’m doing that all the time because things are changing all the time. I would say the main characteristic or trait we would have to have is being nimble, being flexible around how things are changing, because things are changing all the time.

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