Angela Simmons adjusts to ‘country living’ in season 2 of ‘Just Angela’

It’s giving different, but hey, I love it. There’s a lot of things that I’ll be doing out here, my son loves it. I’m doing it for him, so it’s definitely a change.

I’m next to lots of animals and other stuff, I’m not in the city anymore, it’s quite a change.

We’ve seen you grow up on TV from “Run’s House” to “Growing Up Hip Hop.” You’re the daughter of rap pioneer Rev. Run and the niece of Russell Simmons, when you look at your lineage, there’s an expectation to be the best of a generation. How do you navigate being one of the best of your generation?

Focusing on your own plate doing what you do at your best. To me, not making anything else around you competition, being supportive to others like I said I feel like it’s all focused on what I’m doing. Head down and make sure I’m doing what I’m doing, then I’m good.

I think being happy is an accomplishment you’ll be making sure that you’re in a space where you are actually happy with what you do.

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