Jeremy Goodman offers a guide for ‘That Fit Life’ you desire

What is the story behind the title?
That Fit Life has been my mantra for many years. I say it often to motivate and encourage people to live an active and healthy lifestyle. When it came down to choosing a title for my book, I wanted to go with a title [that] represented my brand and what I believe in.

Jeremy Goodman offers a guide for 'That Fit Life' you desire

Was it a deliberate decision to write this book?
Yes, writing a book has been a dream of mine for decades. What made it real for me was taking this dream and writing it out on my vision board. The best way to make your dream a reality is by making a goal and going after it.

How important is it for Black writers and readers to have their stories told?
It is extremely important for Black writers and readers to have their stories told. Stories are powerful and carry on from generation to generation. Stories shine light on the past, give life to the present and pave the way for a brighter future.

In what way did you apply technology in your writing?
Technology played a key role in my writing process. I used cloud-based note-taking apps and word processing apps to streamline the process. I love the fact that I can write anywhere, at any time. I used my phone, iPad and computer to write my book.

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