Howard University faculty threatens to go on strike (video)

Howard University faculty threatens to go on strike (video)
Howard University (Photo credit: / Eric Glenn)

Just months after Howard University students went on strike to protest the deplorable living conditions in the campus dorms, the faculty are now the ones planning a walkout at the iconic HBCU.

Professors and other faculty members poured out of the departments and spilled onto the grassy lawns of the Washington, D.C., institution.

Non-tenured track faculty members have complained of inadequate pay and lack of job stability, to go along with lack of appreciation for the work they are doing. The instructors claim that the university leadership refused to meet with them on Friday, March 18.

Faculty, therefore, threatens to go on strike on March 23, 2022, if the meeting does not take place.

In the interim, the instructors have sent a proposal to Howard’s administration that was also signed by tenured track professors. 

As can be seen in the video, the students are supporting their instructors much the way faculty supported the students during their strike back in October 2021.

The faculty and students are hoping that the non-tenured professors are able to entreat the administration to make positive changes now in March much like they did five months ago.

“While the specific terms of the agreement are confidential, it can be said without any hesitation or reservation that the students courageously journeyed on a path toward greater university accountability and transparency and public safety,” Donald Temple, a lawyer representing the students, said in October according to NBC News. “And this agreement marks a meeting of the minds between them regarding the issues of concern.”

The faculty aspires to gain similar redress as it pertains to their complaints.

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