Deaphalis Sample shares how he has helped clients avoid tax problems

Deaphalis Sample shares how he has helped clients avoid tax problems
Deaphalis Sample (Screenshot from rolling out video)

Deaphalis Sample, the CEO of Alliance Tax Solutions, spoke with rolling out about what the company has done for his clients, and how they can help you file your taxes correctly.

What are some examples of individuals who have connected with your firm, and you got them out of trouble?

One specific situation was one of our clients who was a police officer. She’s a W-2 wage earner but police officers do a lot of side jobs. They work at clubs and security for a lot of different places and there’s really things like every month. She had gone several years with doing these side jobs, but hadn’t reported the income. She didn’t receive any letters, but she knew it was going to be a matter of time before they actually showed up, so she came to us. We were able to do what’s called a compliance check. That’s where we actually go in and we kind of peek under the hood, just to see what the IRS has seen. From the compliance check, we go into preparing the tax returns because it’s not illegal to owe the IRS money, but it’s illegal to not file, so we got to get you back into compliance first. After we file the tax returns, then we have an actual amount that’s owed. Now, that’s where we can go in and either settle the debt or structure some type of properly structured payment plan for them. That way, they’re not paying back two to three times as much.

How many years was she behind?

If I’m not mistaken, I believe she was behind three or four years.

Do you think she knew it was just a matter of time before that letter came in the mail?

Yes. It’s better to approach the IRS when you know you have a situation because they’re more apt to negotiate and work with us, rather than them having to spend money to contact you.

What is the advice you give to someone who came into some money but didn’t file the right taxes?

If you’re an entertainer or a gig worker and you’re receiving money, give Alliance Tax Solutions a call at 1-800-930-0213, because we can help that individual as to how they need to structure things so that they don’t find themselves in a mess.

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