3 prominent male influencers, ‘Patrol Grooming’ ambassadors, share wisdom

3 prominent male influencers, 'Patrol Grooming' ambassadors, share wisdom
Khiry Peterson. Photo Provided

Khiry Peterson, Gregory Armstead, and Juwan Grant are three prominent men’s grooming influencers, and brand ambassadors for Patrol Grooming, with three unique perspectives. They recently sat down for a panel discussion titled The Brand Influencer Bro Code for rolling out’s Creative Entrepreneur Class Virtual Conference, powered by Patrol Grooming, a popular male grooming product company that prides itself on it’s #1 selling after-shave treatment – in addition to its skin, bump, and beard patrol offerings.

Peterson was in the automotive industry for several years. He’s worked for various small businesses such as mom and pop shops, to household prestigious luxury brands like BMW. Now, he is one of the biggest auto brokers and male grooming experts on the internet.

How did he get here, from selling cars in a dealership? A simple desire to be known as an individual, and not just another Black employee.

“I was like you know what, I’m gonna grow my beard out so when people come back, they would be like ‘Okay, the skinny young guy that has the big beard’…,” Armstead explained to rolling out.

“The average car salesman, 10-12 years ago, had a clean face, you had to be suited. I kind of drifted outside of that.”

The beard, coupled with his own stylistic flair of wearing BMW gear and other non-traditional salesman attire, allowed him to do two things at once: brand himself and be authentic. Doing so caught the attention of many prospective car buyers, and also caught the attention of Patrol Grooming. 

3 prominent male influencers, 'Patrol Grooming' ambassadors, share wisdom
Gregory Armstead. Photo Provided

This authenticity also caught Gregory Armstead’s eye. He wasn’t even looking to get into influencing. It was an opportunity that organically came his way, one that he embraced and ran with.

“The funny thing is, I used to look up to his (Peterson’s) page…I saw how clean his page was. I was like, man…I’ve got suits and stuff too, so let me take some pictures…,” Armstead told rolling out.

“And then next thing you know, I started having people contacting me to use and market their products and just take a picture with it and post it.”

From there, Armstead invested more time and money into professional photoshoots to capture the essence of his brand. His fashion and grooming content started to garner attention on Instagram, which encouraged brands like Patrol Grooming and many others to reach out.

Armstead’s number one key to being a successful influencer? Stay organized.

You can garner a lot of deals, but if you’re not organized, you can also miss on a lot of those,”  Armstead explained. “And it’s important in terms of the content you release and when you release it.”

3 prominent male influencers, 'Patrol Grooming' ambassadors, share wisdom
Juwan Grant. Photo courtesy Jennifer L, Czyborra

Grant’s journey was similar, gaining traction by simply being himself. But the skincare and men’s grooming influencer’s approach is a bit different from Armstead’s.

“Yes we can make money from it, but at the end of the day… just have fun, connect. I like to just post. I don’t care if I get nothing but my family members commenting on it…,” he expressed to rolling out.

 Armstead and Grant have two different approaches, each one being authentic to who they are.

Grant has also modeled for several brands. Shea Moisture, Zara, and Patrol Grooming are just some of the companies who have worked with Grant. With Patrol Grooming in particular, the wholesomeness of the brand is what attracted Grant.

“That’s kind of what keeps me influencing: meeting brands that show they can be family-type,” Grant told rolling out.

All three debonair gentlemen were also adamant about investing in much needed grooming time for self-care purposes. Armtead said his morning grooming regimen takes about 45-60 minutes, in which Grant and Peterson agreed. 

This morning ritual of course includes the use of Patrol Grooming products for all three brand ambassador gents. Armstead’s favorite Patrol Grooming product is the beard wash, Grant’s is the pre-shave oil, and Peterson’s is the beard balm.

For the best in class men’s grooming products visit www.patrolgrooming.com . Subscribe to their email list and receive 20% off your first purchase.

Press Play to view the entire panel discussion.

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