King Olujare reveals his hip-hop roots, shares industry gems

King Olujare reveals his hip-hop roots, shares industry gems
Rapper King Olujare. (Photo courtesy of King Olujare)

King Ojulare is a rapper’s rapper.

The hip-hop artist is a breath of fresh air for listeners as each of his singles have a message and tell a vivid story at a consistent rhythmic pace. Recently, he spoke to rolling out about the origins of his abilities.

You use storytelling a bit in your music. Who were some of your influences in going that route lyrically?

I think some of my greatest influences came from artists like DMX, Big Pun and J. Cole. They showed me what it really meant to craft lyrics and pull a story from reality and turn it into something that can either make an impact or feed someone’s desire to know more in general.

What is your favorite song that you’ve ever made?

I do have a few personally unreleased tracks, but if I had to talk about something I’ve put out for the world to hear then it’s more than likely “Hard to Admit” featuring my brother and fellow artist AMB Dirk. It was honestly a fun track to make and the vibes were all on point.

When did you first get interested in music?

I’ve been interested in music all my life. For as long as I can remember I’ve been in love with the concept music does change lives. My first time recording I was about 14, and I’ve been glued to the mic ever since.

What do you hope to accomplish out of music?

I want to use music as a path, the same way it uses me to change perspectives and minds. To me, it can really be a gateway to help change the lives of those around me as well as helping me pursue the things I really want in life. Making sure my family is good and never has to worry about anything else is one of the ultimate goals I have with this.

What is the greatest obstacle you have had to climb in your life or in your career?

Consistency. Life has it’s way of throwing stones and creating a maze of obstacles that can really break people who aren’t built for this down. I’ve had my doubts and fears, but over time I realized I’m one of the people who are truly destined to overcome. It’s a fight at times, but I’m here for it overall.

What advice would you give to up-and-coming artists?

Be ready. Things are never what they seem in this business. It’s never truly all about the music. You got to have the mindset of a business person to match the music. There are a lot of snakes and vultures ready to take advantage of talented people. You got to be prepared to make sacrifices and lose people around you on this road. The ones who are truly meant to stay with you … will. Stay focused and don’t stop applying pressure even when you’ve won, find another lane and dominate that one as well.

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