D.L. Hughley scorches Mo’Nique after she blasts him and his family onstage

D.L. Hughley scorches Mo'Nique after she blasts him and his family onstage
D.L. Hughley (Photo credit: Shutterstock.com / CarlaVanWagoner)

Fiery comedian Mo’Nique took a blow torch to fellow funnyman D.L. Hughley while performing at the legendary Fox Theater in Detroit for alleged breach of contract.

Mo’Nique, 54, who’s become more famous in recent years for her super-charged beefs with entertainment titans Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels and Steve Harvey, went entirely volcanic on Hughley due to a contract dispute.

The Oscar-winning actress of Precious claims that the contract she signed with Hughley stipulated that she would be  the headline act of the “Comedy Explosion.” When the order of comedians didn’t roll out as Mo’Nique was expecting — meaning that she believed she was supposed to come on stage last — she aired her indignation in front of the raucous crowd that eagerly devoured her angry act.

“That’s what the motherf—ing contract says… ‘Mo’Nique is to be the last motherf—ing person on the g–d— stage. She is the headliner. That’s what I signed the contract for.”

The Soul Plan star then flame-broiled Hughley for allegedly speaking ill of her on tour.

“What kind of real n—a would ever attack a g–d—- Black woman?” Mo’Nique rageed on rhetorically. She even brought Hughley’s family into it while using a vulgarity to describe Hughley’s wife.

“N—a your name is D.L., what the f— does it stand for?” Strongly insinuating that Hughley is an undercover homosexual, Mo’Nique then asked, “How far are you bending over n—a? On the DL.”

Here is a partial clip below:

Of course, Hughley has never been one to remain silent while he’s being attacked. A few hours after Mo’Nique’s diatribe about him went viral, Hughley clapped back hard. He posted a photo of Mo’Nique’s extremely gritty character in Precious that earned her an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 2009.

D.L. Hughley scorches Mo'Nique after she blasts him and his family onstage

Hughley claims Mo’Nique’s propensity to lambast others for her career disappointments has become tiring.

“All you have to do is check the order of names on the ticket stub from last night and you’ll see who’s confused,” Hughley began in the comments section on Instagram.

“Against my better judgment, over the objections of my team and 4 other occasions where I said NO, I decided to take a chance and work with Monique. Oprah was the problem, Tyler Perry was the problem, Charlamagne was the problem, Steve Harvey was the problem, Lee Daniels was the problem, Netflix was the problem … Now it’s MY turn. At some point it can’t be everyone else, IT’S YOU!! Lesson learned. I didn’t have anything personal against Monique … People paid a lot of money to laugh, not hear about your contract. Apparently, the role you played in PRECIOUS turned out to be an autobiography. I wonder who’s next…”

Listen to Mo’Nique’s tirade against Hughley below:


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