Umar Johnson responds after video of him talking to White woman surfaces

Umar Johnson (Image source: Instagram – @drumarjohnson)

The self-proclaimed “Prince of Pan Afrikanism” immediately went to social media to defend his name after a social media video of him surfaced.

On June 2, Twitter user @Resse_856 posted a nine-second clip of Umar Johnson talking to a White woman in New Jersey’s Cherry Hill Mall. The clip received over 3.5 million views in its first 18 hours of being posted. Johnson has a well-documented record of being against interracial relationships and marriages, as he feels it adds to the depleting number of Black families.

“When you marry a woman, you marry her family, you marry her community, you marry her culture, you marry her race,” Johnson once said in an Instagram Live in 2017. “When you marry a White woman, you’re investing in White supremacy. There is no way you can stand with Black people when you sleep with White folk. There’s no way you can care as much about our issues as you need to when you have to be concerned about what your wife and her White family thinks about our agenda.”

Johnson didn’t let the viral video stay up long enough before responding. Two hours later, he responded on Twitter.

He then made five more posts on Twitter defending his name.

“Can’t even grab some incense and oils at the mall without Negroes going crazy,” Johnson tweeted. “Any conscious Queens out there wanna volunteer to handle shopping for King Kong Kongalicious since I’m obviously too popular to shop in peace? The paparazzi won’t let me breathe, ladies.”

He also made a post addressing what the public pays the most attention to.

“Generally, if African Americans approach our community ills like miseducation, mass incarceration, economic probation, police brutality, and gentrification, like how we approach and engage in viral dances, it will probably only take us less than eight years to reverse or eradicate those stated ills,” one of Johnson’s post read. “We are our own worse [sic] enemy. You are up against it, Doc. The Crab mentality in our community is absolute and it has killed off our ability to do any ‘off-plantation’ thinking and it makes us kill off our own in honor of the oppressor.”

Johnson also used the viral moment to promote his next public appearance, which is at the second annual Black Wallstreet Black Business Expo at The Westin Plaza on June 4 in Atlanta.

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