Prosecutors say Young Thug bragged about shooting at YFN Lucci’s mother

YFN Lucci (Photo by Louis Cuthbert for rolling out)

Prosecutors successfully petitioned the judge to keep Young Thug behind bars by presenting lyrics where Thugger allegedly bragged that he shot at another rapper’s mother.

A judge agreed with prosecutors that Young Thug is a danger to the community and would also interfere with the serious RICO case against him if he were given bail. Therefore, Thugger will remain behind bars at least for the next six months until the time of his trial, according to media reports.

To bolster their case, attorneys working for the state against Young Thug unveiled lyrics allegedly spewed by the rapper born Jeffery Lamar Williams a few years ago against YFN Lucci.

“[Thug] got into a beef, if you will, with another rapper by the name of Rayshawn Bennett, also known as YFN Lucci,” the prosecutor told the judge.

“At some point, Lucci’s mother was shot at and the song comes out with ‘Bad Boy’ that says, ‘You better watch the way you breathe around me ‘fore that breath be your last, boy / Smith & Wesson .45 put a hole in his heart, better not play with me / Killers stay with me, I shot at his mommy, now he no longer mention me.”

Furthermore, prosecutors told the judge that two men who have alleged gang ties to Young Thug allegedly tried to secure permission from him to make a second attempt to kill YFN Lucci, who is also jailed in Fulton County.

Lucci was reportedly stabbed in jail in February 2022. This is why Lucci’s attorneys asked that Lucci be let out on bail and given house arrest until his trial. The judge has yet to rule on that motion.

As it stands currently, both rappers will remain in jail until their trials begin at the top of 2023.

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