What’s Next DTD series revolutionizes fashion shows in Detroit

What's Next DTD series revolutionizes fashion shows in Detroit
Photo courtesy of Daun Green, CEO of Dusk til Daun

Rolling out spoke with Daun Green, fashion show producer, stylist and fashion curator. Her fashion firm, Dusk ‘Til Dawn, hosts the popular What’s Next DTD series of pop-up fashion shows across the city of Detroit.

Where did the idea for the What’s Next DTD Series come from?

It was based upon myself as a fashion stylist, finding different locations throughout the metropolitan area to do photo shoots.  I decided if I could do a photo shoot here … I do a fashion show here. So for instance, we did the airport in 2019. In 2018, we did the [Detroit] Zoo. So for 2022, we decided to go to Ford Piquette Plant. And what our guests experience, when they come in, is a full experience. I’m so grateful to be a part of a team who makes sure that everyone is accommodated. No one is overlooked from the front of the house, from our guests to the designers, as well as the models and our vendors featured as a part of the show. 

Your shows go above and beyond the typical fashion show experience. What is your thought process in planning them?

Whenever I choose a location, I ask them, “what can we do? What can I utilize? What will be within my reach, as well as for my guests. Is this completely shut down? What if my guests want a personal tour? Will we be with them? Will we be able to have a plane in the hangar or out of the hangar?

What are some things you’ve observed about the fashion scene in Detroit through your shows?

From the men’s fashion show that we recently had here [in Detroit] I do see a lot more of our local brands being more taken attention to, for buyers and for sellers. We did a pop­up shop, and then after the fashion show immediately, the next day, a lot of our guests and people who viewed it on Instagram, started shopping more with featured designers in the show.  And then on a broader horizon, because we did have some guests who flew in from out of state.

Who are some people in the industry that you’ve looked up to and continue to look up to?

Miss Ruth, the costume designer extraordinaire. June Ambrose. I love that she made her staple point with all the record labels in the 90s. She did Missy Elliott and Timberland … all of her costumes are still iconic to this day. As well as Emily B. I do love her style. I love how she can take something from high-end – like she can take Gucci – and she’ll find something from a thrift store and make it the most editorial shoot you have ever seen. She’s very much slept on.  Locally, Marv Neal, paved the way for us and our local fashion style as well as Latrice Delgado Macon.

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