Black medical resident says surgeon sexually assaulted a patient

Black medical resident says surgeon sexually assaulted a patient
Black medical resident says surgeon sexually assaulted a patient
Dr. Melani Cargle (Image source: Instagram – @drcargle)

A Black female surgical resident at the University of Southern California is preparing to sue the institution after allegedly witnessing the lead surgeon sexually assault an anesthetized patient in the operating room.

Dr. Melani Cargle, who’s currently in her residency, said she witnessed a surgeon assault the patient in the operating room while the patient was under anesthesia. Worse, the surgeon in question was allegedly strapped with a firearm in full view of Cargle and the nurses. 

Cargle claims that she is being terminated out of retaliation by the hospital for reporting the acts of alleged sexual impropriety perpetrated by the unidentified surgeon.

Cargle, who says she is “queer” and has a “disability,” claims that she and the nurses in the operating room had to stand and watch in silence as the orthopaedic surgeon allegedly engaged in the egregious act on the sleeping patient.

I was shocked and afraid. I silently wept during surgery for the patient, who was powerless and unaware. After processing the events, I realized that I had witnessed an egregious act. But what I soon learned next shook me to my core; this was not just an isolated incident, it wasn’t a pattern, no, this was allegedly more sinister and orchestrated. This was an entire enterprise,” Cargle penned in 

“How can these actions be committed with impunity — i.e., permitted— in the 21st century? The patient I witnessed was robbed of his dignity, robbed of his choice, and robbed of his ability to fairly defend himself. For those who expressed concern, yes, I understand that I am both a witness and a victim. There are likely others. I encourage you to reach out to me via Twitter for now.”

Cargle is seeking financial assistance in order to mount a formidable suit against the surgeon in question.

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