Watch Mike Tyson sneak up on unsuspecting people (video)

Watch Mike Tyson sneak up on unsuspecting people (video)
Mike Tyson (Photo credit: Bang Media)

When Mike Tyson comes to mind, most people probably conjure thoughts of a fierce, intimidating individual. On the June 16 episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Tyson decided to let loose and have some fun, and show his comedic side.

On Instagram, Tyson posted a video of himself dancing in a full-on bee costume with the caption,”it’s none of your beeznuss.”

In the video, Tyson is dancing and says, “I’m feeling beautiful.” If you didn’t think that Tyson had a soft, funny side, then you were sadly mistaken.

During a segment of the show where Kimmel interviews people on the street, he asked random people to name the greatest athletes of all time, and who would win a boxing match between him and other boxers.

Kimmel asked one person what he thought of Tyson, and the manreplied, “He’s kind of crazy.”

The camera flipped to Tyson as he said jokingly said, “He’s lucky I’m a peaceful man.”

Tyson then snuck up behind the man as Kimmel asked, “Mike, do you think you’re crazy?” The man turned and saw Tyson staring at him and shouted, “Oh my God!”

“I think I’m a little crazy,” Tyson said.

Tyson shows that he can still be intimidating, but there is a side of him that can make people laugh.

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