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Rappers M.Ø.B. Dame and YBB are ready to make smoke in Atlanta

These rappers are ready to show Atlanta their music
Rappers M.Ø.B. Dame and YBB are ready to make smoke in Atlanta
M.0.B. Dame and Young Buddha Black

On July 14, rolling out hosted the Backwoods Making Smoke Company music panel. The event brought together local artists, producers, and music makers to network and sharpen their skills in their respective fields. J. Sims, J.R. McKee, and Joshua “J1” Raiford spoke to participants and offered tips and advice for working in the music industry.

Local rappers M.Ø.B. Dame and Young Buddha Black, known as YBB, attended the event and spoke with rolling out.

What did you learn from the panel?

YBB: People think that you can just do work today, and you’ll be successful. That’s why I asked the panelists to elaborate on what it means to do the work. People are going to have to watch the panel to see what it really means.

What comes to your mind when you hear the term “making smoke?”

M.0.B. Dame: It means bringing it every time and every day. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do, because if you’re not doing anything, you won’t get anywhere.

What makes you stand out from other artists in Atlanta?

M.0.B. Dame: Well first, I’m not from Atlanta, I’m from Tennessee. I feel like as a rapper you just gotta go, and your music can’t be bad. If you get a chance to see me on camera every day, then you’re going to know how I am. No matter what I’m doing, if it wasn’t music, it’d be something else you’re going to love from me.

YBB: What makes me stand out is that I’m YBB, it’s that simple.

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