How moving back to Atlanta from LA helped TyTheGuy grow as a man

The rapper and social media influencer is appreciative of a fresh start
How moving back to Atlanta from LA helped TyTheGuy grow as a man
Pictured right is TyTheGuy with his girlfriend and influencer AshaKosh. (Image source: Twitter – @TyTheGuy)

TyTheGuy has seen a lot in his short time in the music industry.

After quitting his full-time job at Kroger to move to Los Angeles and pursue a career in content creation in 2018, he quickly became one of the more recognizable Black faces on YouTube. He went from filming videos between his grocery-store shifts to partying every night with celebrities in the Hollywood hills. As his following of over 400,000 YouTube subscribers, nearly 200,000 Instagram followers, 50,000 Twitch followers and 39,000 Twitter followers continued to grow, along with the growing celebrity of his friend DDG, TyTheGuy made a sudden change.

He decided to move back to Atlanta to be closer to his family.

The influencer has said his soul didn’t feel right in Los Angeles anymore and he had a desire to find himself again. After opening for DDG in Atlanta on July 15, TyTheGuy further explained how the move back home has affected him.

What has moving back to Atlanta done for your spirit and soul?

One hundred percent. I feel like I came down came more to a wholesome version of myself. I’m with my family a lot more. I spend a lot of time with them. I’m able to see my brothers and s— like that. It really molded me into the man I need to be. When you’re in this industry and stuff like that, the lifestyle can just be overbearing and I feel like sometimes you just need your family grounding to make sure you have your foundation. I feel like I’ve been becoming a way better man being out here. Yeah.

How is it when you get to re-connect with some of your friends from LA?

Amazing, my n—-. Those are relationships that last a lifetime. Amazing, bro. It’s good seeing the homies. I’ll just fly back to Cali and turn up with the boys, but yeah, I’m a lot more focused, bro. Sometimes in your journey, bro, you just have to take some time to focus on yourself, bro, and do everything that you want to accomplish. You got to protect your own energy and just pour into yourself, man, because you can really do anything that you want, bro. You just got to put your mind to it. Don’t let anybody stop you, just be tunnel vision here. Straight tunnel vision bro. No distractions at all.

You recently dropped the project Handling My Past. How are you feeling about it?

It’s doing well. I’m actually going to start dropping a lot more on my Russ s—. I’ve been watching a lot of Russ, so I’m just learning different s— about the game. Consistency, feeding your fans and music, so I’ve been a lot more consistent. I want to start dropping a lot more, but Handling My Past out right now. S— hard as f—. Everything I drop’s hard, bro. I really care about this s— that I do.

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