Exclusive: Rapper Dee-1 will teach a course at Harvard fall semester

The Louisiana MC spoke to ‘rolling out’ at Earn Your Leisure’s Investfest in Atlanta
Rapper Dee-1 at 2022 InvestFest. (Photo credit: Rashad Milligan for rolling out)

Dee-1 gets it. The rapper has remained relevant for over a decade not only thanks to his talent, charisma and kindness, but because of his education and understanding of business. A couple of weeks after attending the 2022 Stellar Awards, the Louisiana MC caught up with, and exclusively announced his next move to rolling out at Earn Your Leisure’s Investfest in Atlanta.

What do you have coming up?

I’m very proud to announce that starting in September, I’m going to begin at Harvard University. I’m doing a fellowship at Harvard University. I got selected, man. This is a game-changing opportunity. So I’ll be moving up there. I’ll be on Harvard’s campus. I’m going to have an office space up there. I’m going to be doing an album while I’m up there at home, and I’m super excited to announce that rolling out, y’all are getting the exclusive on it. I’m at Harvard University, baby. Let’s get it.

How has 2022 Investfest been for you?

It’s inspiring here. It really makes you want to step your game up in whatever you’re doing in life, for real.

What do you hope to gain from this weekend?

The main thing I want to gain is just knowledge because knowledge is infinite and knowledge is unlimited. So the more knowledge I could gain, then at that point, it’s on me to go and apply it but I just want to just gain the knowledge, that’s it. Nobody can do the work for you, though, you have to do it for yourself.

What has it been like to see all of this Black support and willingness to learn financial literacy?

Man, seeing all this Black love, Black camaraderie, it gives me goosebumps, man. It feels good because it makes me proud to be a Black man. But number two, it makes me proud of my fellow Black men and Black women that are handling their business. We’re all winning, you heard me?

You’re a music artist, why did you come to a financial literacy conference?

Music artists, you’ve got to take yourself seriously as a business to really have longevity. I’ve had longevity in the game for like 13 years, literally. It’s because I took myself seriously as a business. I got a degree in business from college, so for me to be at a business conference, this ain’t abnormal for me. I speak about financial literacy in my music. I paid Sallie Mae back, I paid my loans off, I ain’t got no car note, you heard me? I know how to get that residual, that passive income. So it just makes sense that Dee-1 would be here.

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