Josh X talks about his return to R&B and his musical influences

Josh X is taking off with his new single
Josh X talks about his return to R&B and his musical influences
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Josh X is a Haitian-American singer-songwriter-producer and musician. He recently released his single “One Nightie,” and subsequently spoke with rolling out about the theme of the song, and his early days in the music industry. 

How did you get your start in the music industry?

Music was something I was taught as a child. My mother was a big fan of classical music, and she told me that “the piano was [my] friend,” and if [I] didn’t play what was going to happen to me.

If you know anything about Haitian parents, you know that it’s their way or the highway. At six I began playing and practicing classical music. It wasn’t my favorite type of music because when I used to play nice pieces for ladies in school who I had crushes on, I’d play a banging Mozart song that my mom said would pick up the girls, and they would be like, “What is this?”

I started sneaking away and learning R&B songs, and I was already a pianist and learning music in school, and I knew I was going to music college. I began practicing songs by Brian McKnight and Stevie Wonder, and it was then that I fell in love with the R&B genre.

Where do you get your inspiration for your music?

Mozart’s music, in terms of the music Mozart created, influenced me from an early age. I love how romantic it was and am inspired by classical patterns and certain rhythms in classical compositions. Stevie Wonder is also my favorite singer, vocalist, and musician. He’s been my biggest writing inspiration, and I’ve learned so much from studying his songs. I got to meet him in person and play his song for him, and he endorsed me, which was huge for me.

Tell us more about your new single, “One Night.”

“One Night” is the theme of every song I’ve ever released. It always contains some sort of message. For me, “One Night” is about telling the person you care about that it’s okay to want to settle down. I don’t think that’s popular in today’s music. Most people are into one-night stands, and you know a lot of the younger generation will say the same.

“One Night” felt like a way of saying, “I want more. I want to transform you into more than just a wifey.” When you date someone, it should be more than just a one-night stand because you can’t build love in one night. Love takes a lot of time and effort, and I’m just trying to keep the kids’ attention long enough for them to understand what I’m saying.

Written by: Jacquelene Clarke

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