Detroit singer Parris Carey shares his journey on debut EP ‘Boy Interrupted’

The Detroit native is ready for the world to hear what he’s been cooking up
Detroit singer Parris Carey shares his journey on debut EP 'Boy Interrupted'
Photo courtesy of Parris Carey

Parris Carey is a singer and songwriter based in Detroit. Carey has been in love with music since a young age, and now he’s growing into his own and making music that is relatable and touches his listener’s soul. He’s been working on his first EP Boy Interrupted for some time now, and finally released it to the world on Aug. 8.

Carey spoke with rolling out about his music journey, and his new project.

Tell us about your EP Boy Interrupted.

I’ve written most of these songs before I graduated high school, and I sat on them for so long because I have social anxiety. I put myself into situations to sing in front of people and I’ve always gotten great reactions. A lot of songs I kept sacred to myself and they became a personal journal for me to just jot down my feelings and then it became poetry and from poetry, it became music. The first time I recorded it was actually in my bedroom on some wireless headphones. The quality wasn’t all that but that’s when I told myself I could probably do this. Since I was a kid I’ve been writing music. Once I found a great producer that could come in sync and deliver what I wanted, it went hand in hand with being able to put together this project. I also went through a lot of changes with the title of it. That also helped with the pushback of it because over the years you go through so much and so many different things change and then you feel like “Okay, well maybe this shouldn’t be the title.” This one resonated with me in a way that I knew was going to make it the perfect time to release it.

What’s the one thing you want people to take away from your music?

Take control. That’s the number one thing I want everybody to do. Through the songs and the music, just take control. Not everything has to be so deep but everything has to be understood. When I say that, I mean you can be your own worst enemy. When you learn how to take control, that’s what it’s all about. It’s about coming to terms with yourself and discovering yourself. I want people to find and love themselves and I want people to take control of their life.

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