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Alabama State alum Eddie Knight shares what’s special about attending an HBCU

HBCU alum says the school molded him

Alabama State University alum Eddie Knight spoke with rolling out about his experience at the college, tips to help prepare students graduating next year, and what’s special about attending an HBCU.

What was your experience like at Alabama State?

I graduated in 1995, and I played in the marching band. I had a great experience at Alabama State. It molded me into what I’m doing today.

What are some tips you would give to students on the verge of graduating?

This generation is way different. I would say try to get your foot into a place you’d like to go and work your way up. This generation now just wants to get in and think they should be doing exactly what they want. Nothing is wrong with that, but sometimes you have to understand life is a process. You have to build before you can buy a house.

What’s special about attending an HBCU?

The attention to each student as an individual as opposed to a number was one of my favorite things. I knew all of my teachers, and all of my teachers knew me. Even if I saw them out somewhere, they would still speak, and it wouldn’t feel like we were just students to them. Being able to learn more about your own culture from someone who looks like you and is invested in some of the same things was special.

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