Bonfire ATL sparks opinions on tattoos and piercings; Atlanta Ink chimes in

Why Atlanta Ink is the best in the city for tattoos and piercings
Keymeion Love (Photo by C. Alexandra for rolling out)

Tattoos and piercings have become a unique way for individuals to express their creativity or to even make a fashion statement. On the contrary, some people use tattoos and piercings to relieve pain or to mark a memory. Bonfire ATL, sponsored by Backwoods, recently brought out a diverse crowd that was willing to share their preference for tattoos and piercings.

Rolling out interviewed the owner of Atlanta Ink Tattoo & Art Gallery which is making smoke in the city of Atlanta. Atlanta Ink is one of the biggest vendors at Bonfire ATL and is known not only for its unique tattoos but also for its body piercings too. Christian Verrette brought his ink crew out and changed the game by offering tattoos on the spot.

Christian Verrette (Photo by C. Alexandra for rolling out)

Verrette also shared details of his journey to becoming a professional piercer and a tattoo artist, and why he leans more toward doing piercings. Although he has done a ton of piercings for clients in the city of Atlanta, he has also done piercings for celebrities such as Drake and Gunna.

Rolling out also spoke to No Cap Tattoos, also known as Big Cap, who is one of the members of Atlanta Ink. He is also an artist who has grown a large following from his music and his unique tattoos. He’s tattooed well-known artists such as Enchanting, Key Glock and Big Scarr.

No Cap Tattoos “Big Cap” (Photo by C. Alexandra for rolling out)

Check out some of the artists and attendees who were a part of the conversation. Tell us if you are team tattoos or team piercings in the comments.

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