Booney communicates his vision through lyrics at Bonfire ATL

How this Atlanta native brings something new to the melodic rap genre
Booney communicates his vision through lyrics at Bonfire ATL
Booney (Photo credit: C. Alexandra for rolling out)

This past Sunday, Booney brought a new sound to the Bonfire ATL stage. He shared his vision and left his heart on the stage. His strong voice and powerful message combined with melodic rap captivated fans at the signature event.

Like some of his favorite artists, he uses multisyllabic words and catches phrases to connect with the audience. Rolling out sat down with Booney to ask about his inspiration behind the music, how he describes his musical style, and advice for aspiring artists.

Tell the people who you are and who is making smoke right now in Atlanta. I’m Booney man, and I spit my visions through my lyrics. I’m from out here, southside of Atlanta, and then … making smoke in Atlanta. We bringing the heat, me and my crew. I got this collab project with myself, Smith and West. We both making smoke in Atlanta.

What can we expect to hear tonight on stage?

Well, I’m premiering something from the project. We just secured some distro, so we had to push our project back but it is coming out on September 13. It’s called Still Dreaming and yeah, that s— is a vibe. It’s real life … so I’m premiering a track called “The Blueprint,” which we are thinking of pushing first, and a song called “Found Motivation,” which is like a local legendary song for me.

What kind of music can we expect to hear and how would you describe your sound?

Tonight you are going to hear two different sounds. You are going to hear “Still Dreaming,” that’s more of a vibe. I don’t smoke much, but you could smoke it or drink to it. “The Blueprint” is a little bit up-tempo. “Found Motivation,” I like to talk to people too. That is going to be if you could say, emotional. I’m talking to the people on that track.

Who are your musical influences?

That’s a hard question. Anytime I hear good music I get influenced, but one of my all-time favorites would be J. Cole and Lil Wayne. Those are the top two that come to my mind. I like Jay-Z too.

What advice do you have for aspiring artists?

To become an artist I broke it down into three simple things – I’m just going to say what I’m thinking. To become an artist [it takes] consistency and not giving up. I have seen people that are talented and they can blow, but they get discouraged. You can’t be discouraged. You can let it affect you, but then just use that to build your hunger. Be consistent, stay hungry, and better your craft.

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