Philadelphia radio’s Eric Lynch reveals who’s making the smoke up north

The city of brotherly love is making some noise

Eric Lynch works behind the scenes at Philadelphia‘s 100.3 R&B. A promotions assistant for Urban One, Lynch takes great pride in working in the music industry in the northeast region of the nation.

At the 2022 Made in America festival, Lynch spoke to rolling out about who’s making the smoke in Philadelphia.

How is it working with Urban One, specifically in the Philadelphia market?

I love it working in music and entertainment. It’s been a passion of mine for years. So to be here for free, it doesn’t even feel like I’m at work, honestly. Even though it is work, it’s like a 15-hour workday. We’ve got a tent over there, we’ve got giveaways, ticket raffles and interact with people all day out in the hot sun. It’s work, and it’s tiring, but I love it and it doesn’t feel like work to me. This is exactly what I need to do.

What is the Philadelphia creative scene like?

There are a lot of creatives in Philadelphia. Having a job like this where I get to run into a lot of them on the daily. I’m out here networking to meet different people that do different things and we’re able to collab and work together. I love the Philadelphia creative scene, it really pushes me to get my creative juices flowing even more than what I do now. So it’s definitely a great scene out here.

We have a segment called Making The Smoke where we highlight some of the hottest up-and-coming artists. Who are some artists making the smoke out here in Philadelphia?

Armani White just performed not too long ago. Definitely Leaf Ward. Those are the main two that come to mind.

Those are the top two right now that I don’t have to really think too hard when naming artists. Those are the top two that come to mind. Then, Zahsossa performed yesterday, that’s another top guy. You got all the Philly GOATs, D Sturdy. Those are some hot up-and-coming Philly creatives that are going to take it much farther than Philly, pretty soon.

What do you all have coming up? Where can people keep up with you all?

You can find us on @rnbphilly on Instagram. That’s where we post all of our updates, everything that’s going on. Do you want free tickets or ticket giveaways? You find them on Instagram. Do you want to know where we’re gonna be next? Come see us in person, and you can find us on Instagram. Definitely follow our page at @rnbphilly, where you find all of our updates and everything that we’re doing.

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