Why Ashley Nicole Moss believes the Knicks will do well this season

The New York Knicks reporter gives insight to ‘Out of Bounds’ ahead of the new season

One of the NBA‘s top teams is hoping to bounce back for the 2022-2023 season. One year after making the playoffs, the New York Knicks finished with a disappointing 37-45 record. After hosting a panel on the future of women in sports at the Revolt Summit, Knicks reporter Ashley Nicole Moss explained to rolling out why New York is primed to bounce back this season.

How was the interview with Trae Young?

Trae’s a great guy, but as a Knicks fan, I had to let him know, “Look, [you’re] in enemy territory right now.”

Trae’s a great guy, it’s no animosity to the Hawks, that is over and done with. I look forward to when we do go ahead and meet again, hopefully, it’s a different outcome. I love whenever there are little stories within sports, it makes it fun, and it makes my job more fun. Because when I come across athletes who are playing for teams that my team does not rock with? It results in a really fun interview.

What do you think will happen with the Knicks this season?

I just want the Knicks to go ahead and repeat an ounce of the success we had the year before last. When we went ahead and faced the Hawks in the playoffs, I think the team is much better than the team last season. Hopefully, we can go ahead and see that same kind of success. I think with the Knicks, the goal for that team should always be to be a playoff team. No more barely making it in or not making it in at all. It’s the mecca of sports and I’m tired of the Nets jokes. I’m tired of the Knicks jokes. I need the Knicks to go ahead and be real competitors this season.

Do you think Julius Randle will bounce back this season? If so, why?

Absolutely. Julius is a good friend of mine. I know how much he works behind the scenes. I know how much he loves the New York fans. I know how much he loves the Knicks.

Listen, everybody goes through trials and tribulations in life. Athletes are no different. I think people sometimes forget athletes are still human. Anything that we’ve seen about Julius is that he works really hard in the offseason, he’s in great physical condition, it’s the mental that sometimes gets the best of him. But if he can overcome that and even see a fraction of the Julius Randle we saw during his Most Improved Player year, then I think the Knicks will be in really good shape. But I’m expecting a bounce-back season from Julius for sure.

There are a lot of young girls who look up to you. What would you tell them about being confident?

You are enough as you are. I know that in the age of social media, there’s so much comparison and so many things to look at, and make you feel inadequate, make you feel like you’re not enough, but you’re special.

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