Koils by Nature CEO Pamela Booker creates organic and affordable hair products

Pamela Booker is blossoming in the beauty and hair industry
Koils by Nature CEO Pamela Booker creates organic and affordable hair products
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Pamela Booker is the CEO of Koils by Nature. Her vegan products are certified cruelty-free and infused with organic essential oils and handmade with the finest of ingredients. Sold by retailers nationwide and internationally, Booker knows the power of strategic marketing to scale businesses.

What inspired you to get into beauty and hair?

If you were to bet me $1,000,000 12 years ago that I [would] be a beauty brand, you would be rich. I’m a former computer engineer, I served in the United States Army, and haircare and beauty weren’t my things. I went natural in 2007 and that’s when you cut all the relaxers out. Then I wanted to use products that had natural ingredients. There were a few on the market, but it was so expensive back in 2009. What I did was started thinking about making quality products that could be sold for a cheaper price. That’s how Koils by Nature was born. It was born in my kitchen in Temple Hills, Maryland at the time. I wanted to create affordable or natural haircare products with great ingredients.

What are some things people should know about hair products that they probably don’t?

They should know that the first four ingredients are the most important because that’s what it’s mainly made of. So if you get something with petroleum as its first ingredient, that product is made mainly of petroleum. Petroleum used to be good for us back in the day when our grandmas used to put it on our faces, and it would protect us from the wind, but it is not good for our hair. It forms a barrier so nothing can get in it, like moisture. You just have to make sure that when you’re looking at ingredients, the first four ingredients are very, very important, and for people with textured kinky, or curly hair, we need water. Water has to be the first ingredient, especially for styling and conditioning.

What are three tips you would give to people who want healthy, flourishing hair?

First, drink water, because your hair grows out of your body. Second, have a healthy diet, and eat a couple of vegetables two or three times a week. Third, you should exercise. You can go for a walk just to get the blood flowing. Those three don’t have anything to do with products, but that’s what I always give my customers because they want a quick fix. I can give you the best products in the world, but if your insides are not good, it’s not going to show up the way it’s supposed to.

Where can people find your products?

The products are sold on, and we are everywhere on social media @KoilsbyNature.

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