How David Duane rebranded from media professional to an R&B and pop artist

The multihyphenate shares advice for others balancing multiple titles
How David Duane rebranded from media professional to an R&B and pop artist
Photo courtesy of Inari Briana

Multihyphenate David Duane is an R&B, pop singer-songwriter and entrepreneur who is inspiring those around him through his music. He is also the founder of  On Air With David Duane media brand, and the public relations and marketing company, Urban Fierce Group.

His debut album, Unapologetic Blonde, has a total of 27 songs that are either a part of his story or a story that many people can relate to.

The rising star shared with rolling out how he got started in media and public relations and is in the process of rebranding himself as an independent artist.

How did you get started in the media and PR industries?

Yes, it’s crazy how that even started because I was in high school working with different artists doing the street team and online [promotions]. Really online, because I was in school but you know we had the online and physical street team promotional aspects going on with different artists [who] were signed to Bad Boy Entertainment whether it be like Dawn Richard from Danity Kane, Dirty Money or Day26. We had our own little thing going on. There were other artists I would approach because I was interviewing them for my show and I was like, yo, let’s do this promotional team. It was a lot of tying in of what was going on, and I  [wanted] to help artists expand their brands but I don’t think the promotional aspect is all I want[ed] to do. I knew there was so much more. Once I graduated I was like, let me dive deep into what this press release is about and what a bio is.

When did you know music was your true calling?

I always knew since I was a kid. My mom would say that I was dancing around the house to Prince and Michael Jackson who are my biggest inspirations. When you think about their legacy and what they’ve done; it has always been about individuality. Just hearing the different sounds and the way that they would sing; it was just like … this is incredible. This is something that I want to do and throughout elementary, middle, and high school I was writing songs. I literally would write songs within 15 minutes and even to this day, I can still write a song in 15 or 30 minutes.

Any advice for other multihyphenates who are trying make an impact? 

I would first say don’t take no for “no” take it as not right now. There are going to be people that won’t support you in the beginning in the way that you want to be supported. People are not going to see that vision. Eventually, they’ll see it whether they let you know personally or don’t.

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