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LeBron James mentions Russell Westbrook after Los Angeles Lakers fall to 0-3

The NBA’s prime time squad is facing early-season turmoil
LeBron James mentions Russell Westbrook after Los Angeles Lakers fall to 0-3
LeBron James (Image source: Instagram – @kingjames)

The Los Angeles Lakers fell to 0-3 on Oct. 23 after suffering a 106-104 loss to the Portland Trail Blazers. In the final minute, guard Russell Westbrook missed a jump shot with 30 seconds remaining in the game with 17 seconds left on the shot clock. The logic behind the move tcan only be explained that Westbrook was shooting early to give the Lakers another possession at the end of the game, despite Los Angeles already leading by one. After Jerami Grant made the go-ahead layup with three seconds left, LeBron James missed a turn-around jumper at the buzzer.

A former NBA MVP, Westborook’s late missed shot was the most recent lowlight of his struggle on offense with the Lakers since he joined the squad last season.

When asked about Westbrook’s missed shot, James said he wasn’t going to throw his teammate under the bus.

“I feel like this is an interview trying to set me up to say something,” James said. “I can tell that you guys are in the whole Russell Westbrook category right now. I don’t like to lose, I hate to lose, I don’t care what happened throughout the course of my season, the course of my career, I hate to lose. Especially the way we had this game, but give credit to Portland.

“You guys can write about Russ, and all the things you want to talk about Russ, but I’m not about to do that. I won’t do that, I’ve said it over and over. It’s not who I am.”

Also in the game, James air-balled a three-point attempt from the Lakers’ midcourt logo in the second quarter. Anthony Davis also had a three-pointer hit the side of the backboard during the game. The team started the season 20-of-100 from the three-point range.

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