Why ‘Home Economics’ star Jordyn Curet is speaking up about foster care issues

The teenage actress is working to solve an issue personal to her

Jordyn Curet loves acting, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to her purpose. The 13-year-old “Home Economics” star recently spoke to rolling out about her efforts to give back to the community and why she’s passionate about helping people.

What was the latest community event you’ve done?

[I hosted on Oct. 23] for my nonprofit Jordyn’s Joy, [a] special Halloween party we did … it’s in support of the Ronald McDonald House. We have been getting donations for them, we’ve also been supporting some other small businesses and charities.

I’m working with I Believe in Success. They have some amazing clothes … Jacaranda Housing, I’ve been supporting them for a while. They help people who are aging out of the foster care system. I think that’s really important, because, being adopted myself, a lot of people don’t get the support they need once they’re 18 years old, and they can’t really live in the foster care system anymore. Where can they go? It’s definitely a big part of the homeless crisis, so I really appreciate what they’re doing here.

I’m supporting G12, they’re this organic lip balm brand, a small business. I really like their stuff. It’s pretty cool. I’m wearing it right now. Also, I’m supporting “Lace Up For Kids” for childhood cancer awareness. They’ve been great. … We’ve also been supporting Kids In The Spotlight, which is an amazing brand. [It’s] a place for kids who are in the foster care system who want to act, produce, write movies, television or anything.

What was your adoption experience like? 

I’ve been very passionate about my adoption story because I know a lot of kids aren’t as lucky as me. … Everyone deserves a home, and everyone deserves a happy family. I always love supporting brands like Kids In The Spotlight and Jacaranda Housing. [Jacaranda Housing] has given people a home, a light and somewhere to work off of, because I think the foster care system could definitely be better than what it is. Not a lot of people are able to do stuff like Jacaranda Housing because it’s expensive, and you have to have a really good heart to do it. A lot of people don’t have the money, time or heart to do that.

I feel like people aging out of the foster care system is a really big issue. A lot of people can’t even work off of anything because they don’t have the money to get into college, and can’t pay for their student loans. They don’t have the [grades] for a scholarship, and it can be really difficult for a lot of people … it really makes me sad because everyone deserves a home, an education, and it’s been really tough these past years with the pandemic, and the whole economic situation.

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