Yes, I wear wigs; no, I don’t hate my hair

What black women do to their hair does not define them or make them less natural.
Yes, I wear wigs; no, I don't hate my hair
Black woman touches her curly hair (Photo Credit: Anastasiia Kazakova)

Black women have prevailed through the hair stigmas placed on our community by honoring and maintaining our natural crowns. Although we still face barriers in the workplace which prefer“tamed” hair, Black women have a choice in conforming with or rejecting traditional styles for those that better express their perspectives on beauty – natural hair being one of them.

But what happens when natural haircare becomes time-consuming or harder to maintain? Or you may be experiencing some hair loss after pregnancy or a hormonal change. To resolve the hair style dilemma many women have resorted to wearing wigs. 

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people honed in on their creativity by experimenting with new hairstyles. Content creators guided millions worldwide on how to style their hair while they were forced to remain indoors. Licensed cosmetologist and entrepreneur Sha’Queelah Pierce shed light on why women wear wigs and how resourceful they can be for protecting your natural hair. 

What has been your experience with the rise in popularity of wigs?

It is very convenient. Many people are traveling and doing things on the fly, so they want their hair done a certain way, which helps. There is low commitment and hair/scalp protection no matter their natural hair’s state. 

How important is hair maintenance to black women?

It is the top priority. Most women want to grow their hair right now and not have to wear wigs. Since the pandemic, stylists have changed how their offer services which require the client to pay attention to their hair maintenance at home. 

What advice would you give to someone looking to grow healthy hair?

Pay attention to the state of your hair at all times. Meaning, how is your hair doing? Does it shed, do you have breakage, and what length is it? Is your scalp healthy? Whatever products are used, make sure they align with your hair goals, if you have colored hair, curly hair, or want a silky look, etc.

Girls wearing wigs should ensure their natural hair is moisturized and hydrated underneath. Use the right products and maintenance often [and] stay up on trims and treatments because hair changes seasonally.

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