Tracie Halcrombe finds joy in the tears with new book

‘The Descent of the Goddesses’ pays homage to Noah Christopher Lockhart’s talents and creativity
Tracie Halcrombe finds joy in the tears with new book
Noah Christopher Lockhart and Tracie Halcrombe (Photo courtesy of Tracie Halcrombe)

Noah Christopher Lockhart was not your typical youth. He was an honor student who became a sergeant in the Army who received commendations and medals. Lockhart was also a talented and caring individual. Passionate about music, gaming, writing and drawing, Lockhart’s life was cut short due to suicide. But prior to his death, Lockhart wrote and illustrated a book, The Descent of the Goddesses. In homage to Lockhart’s talents, his mother and co-author, Tracie Halcrombe, finished and published the book

What inspired you to write The Descent of the Goddesses?
I was inspired to publish the book after my son died last year to suicide. The Descent of the Goddesses was written and illustrated by my son Noah Christopher Lockhart. I wanted to keep his legacy alive by completing his work and sharing it with the world.

Along with keeping your son’s memory alive, was publishing the book a part of the grieving process?
Absolutely! When you lose a child to suicide or any sudden cause of death, there are so many unanswered questions. The grieving process allowed me to go through and process my emotions. When I arrived mentally at acceptance and hope, I was ready to go forward with a greater understanding and strength that only God could give me as I healed and rested in his presence.

Tracie Halcrombe finds joy in the tears with new book

What does literary success look like to you?
Literary success for me was completing the book and getting it published. When I received the certificate of registration letter from the [U.S.] Copyright Office I was elated! Then to read in the certificate that the book transfers to me by inheritance I thought, this is surely a blessing.

What advice can you offer to others who want to write?
Pursue your dreams and follow your passion. All goals are attainable and can be reached with perseverance and dedication. Stay focused and never give up.

What message can you share to help others regarding suicide and the signs to look for?
Early intervention is key to a successful outcome when an individual may be experiencing a mental health challenge. It is OK to seek professional help or to talk to someone about how you are feeling.

Signs to look for are: talking about wanting to die, being a burden to others, feeling guilt or shame, empty, hopeless, trapped, or having no reason to live, extreme sadness, anxiousness, agitation, or full of rage, unbearable emotional or physical pain. Behavior changes like: making a plan or researching ways to die, withdrawing from friends, saying goodbye or giving away possessions, taking dangerous risks, extreme mood swings, eating or sleeping more or less and using drugs and alcohol more often are all signs that someone may be thinking about suicide. Get help! Call or text 988 Suicide &Crisis Lifeline or Chat at

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