The SERAMA Dragon Drive shows car lovers the best of both worlds in Tennessee

Foothills Parkway or Tail of the Dragon? Pick your destination
The SERAMA Dragon Drive shows car lovers the best of both worlds in Tennessee
Photo by Malik Brown for rolling out

The Southeast Regional Automotive Media Association hosted its inaugural Dragon Drive in Alcoa, Tennessee from Nov. 13-15. This was an exciting event for all car lovers, whether you enjoy cruising in an SUV or reaching top-notch speed in a sports vehicle.

Two trails were offered to the media, Foothills Parkway and the Tail of the Dragon. Foothills Parkway is a 45-minute scenic driving experience and is a straight-line route with no twists or turns. There are also multiple spots to park and take pictures. Throughout the journey, you may even pass by a family of deer trying to get to their destination.

With this trail being one that lends itself to cruising, the cars that were available on the drive were the 2023 Nissan Altima SR, 2023 Pathfinder Rock Creek, 2023 Ram Heavy Duty Rebel or Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe, 2023 GR 86, 2023 Mazda CX-30, and the 2023 Infiniti QX 60.

If you’re the type of person that loves to listen to music while driving or loves listening to the sound of nature with the windows or roof open, Foothills Parkway is the path for you.

The best way to describe the Tail of the Dragon in one word is exotic. The name in itself lets you know that you’re going to be in for a ride, and if you like rollercoasters, this is your type of trail. The first few minutes are the calm before the storm, because the next 30 minutes of your drive will be adrenaline filled. As you travel up an array of hills, you’re also met by hairpin turns that that require precision and near perfect timing – if not you may find yourself in trouble. Another road hazard to watch out for is the cars coming down the trail because those drivers are probably experiencing the same adrenaline and thrill as you.

Known as America’s number one motorcycle and sports car road, the vehicles that were available on the drive were the 2023 Toyota Supra, 2023 Stellantis Alfa Romeo Stelvio, 2023 Nissan Z Performance, 2023 Mazda MX-5, and the 2023 AMG GLE 53 Coupe.

The Dragon Drive was an exciting and amazing experience, and if you’re looking to just get out and shred the road, Foothills Parkway and the Tail of the Dragon are the places to be. But remember, if you take the Tail of the Dragon route, drive fast, but be careful.

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