Dame Dash and Lucien Watson film new movie ‘Stoned’ on Kanye’s ranch

The creatives hope the movie will become a cult classic
Dame Dash and Lucien Watson film new movie 'Stoned' on Kanye's ranch
Dame Dash (Photo credit: Davis Stephens)

Dame Dash is known for controversial online conversations that usually go viral, but no one would ever accuse him of being inauthentic. Dash’s relationship with Kanye West is well documented from their days at Roc-A-Fella Records in the early ’90s.  Although they have taken very different paths, Dash maintains that friendship is bigger than social media posts and curated photo opportunities. During the last few years, West’s antics have caused public outrage, so Dash decided it was important to go physically check on his friend on his Montana ranch. Dash was joined by another of West’s longtime friends, Lucien Watson, the two committed to spending time with Ye and ended up taking the opportunity on the 3,888 acre ranch to film an independent movie.

“We were sitting around talking, just spending time together as brothers and it hit me that Lucien is really funny. I’m not going to sit around and not be productive. We’re here with all this land, I have resources and so I decided to film a movie,” Dash says.

Although Watson’s background is hip-hop, when Dash suggested he star in the movie he was up for the challenge.

“Lucien is like one of those guys that is at the cookout and he keeps everyone laughing the entire time. He is genuinely funny. There are a lot of people in comedy that aren’t really funny. He has that star quality. We decided to do the film, wrote the script and then shot it there at the ranch,” Dash says.

Stoned promotional poster (Promotional photo provided by Ariel Deney)
Photo credit: Davis Stephens

Dash directed and produced Stoned over two weeks and released the film this fall on Tubi. Dash says he believes the movie will become a classic much like Dave Chappelle’s Half-Baked.

“There is an opportunity for filmmakers and creators to take control of their future; their income. Instead of waiting for someone to put you on, you can start creating yourself. You can shoot a movie and edit it on an iPhone and put it out. There’s no need to wait on anyone to give you permission. Give yourself permission and go,” Dash says.

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