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Wallo267 promised shopping spree to 15 women; watch how it went awry

Wallo267 must have forgotten what day it was
Wallo267 promised shopping spree to 15 women; watch how it went awry
Image source: Instagram – @wallo267

Wallo267 woke up on Thanksgiving with helping people on his mind, but his plan did not go the way he planned.

The “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” podcast co-host went to a Target on Nov. 24 and made a video saying he would treat 15 women to a shopping spree.

“Fifteen women, y’all gone go into Target and get two carts,” Wallo said in the parking lot. “I don’t care what y’all get. If it’s in the cart or hanging out the cart, you’re getting it.”

When Wallo got to the front of the store, the door wouldn’t open, and that’s when he realized that they were closed for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Even though Target was closed, Wallo still treated the women who showed up and gave them cash instead.

Later throughout the day, a video showed a packed-out Target parking lot because of Wallo, but he left before they arrived.

Gillie Da King, the other co-host of the podcast, clowned his friend on social media and had to clarify that he had nothing to do with the plan.

“I never told y’all I was going to Target,” Gillie said. “That was Wallo’s stupid a–. Get the f— out my DMs.”

Wallo hasn’t posted on social media since the video, so he might still be reflecting on what happened.

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