Shamea Morton provides confidence tips for young Black girls

The Atlanta Hawks and V-103 host gave insight into how she projects confidence

Shamea Morton has established herself as one of the more dynamic personalities in Atlanta. Through the years, she’s dabbled in reality television, radio and as an in-game host with the Atlanta Hawks.

Her infectious energy, vibrant smile and trademark welcome of “Hey, best friends!” can make anyone feel like a long-lost cousin of hers. At a community pep rally for the Hawks, Morton spoke to rolling out about what she looks forward to most this NBA season and her advice to young Black girls who would aspire to have a successful career in media.

What are you looking forward to most this NBA season?

The energy in the building and our players. We have a very great team, very promising. Clint Capela was out here today, so shout out to him. We have a great team. We killed it in Abu Dhabi and won both of the preseason games. So, I think we’re looking great, and I know we’re going to do a good job.

What is your advice to young Black women who want a career like yours in sports? 

My advice to anybody is to just be the best that you can be in anything you do. Don’t go at anything half [way], always give 110 percent because there’s somebody out there who’s trying harder, fighting harder and they’re up an hour earlier than you are, fighting just as hard as you. So, whatever you do, make sure you put your all into it. And make sure you pray up and you treat people how you want to be treated.

How was the pep rally?

We had a great time here at the William Walker Recreation Center. The Atlanta Hawks and State Farm have partnered to do good around the community. They’ve renovated the court, and they’ve also given them a Good Neighbor Club. It’s beautiful on the inside, make sure you check it out and make sure you keep up with the Hawks. … We’re going all the way up. I’ll see you at State Farm Arena.

What else do you have going on?

I’m on V-103 Monday through Friday 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. Tune in and turn up with “The Big Tigger Morning Show” with myself and Ms. Pat.

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