Terrell Owens knocks out man at a CVS (video)

T.O. laid hands on a wayward stranger who came at him in an aggressive manner.
Terrell Owens knocks out man at a CVS (video)
Ex-NFL great Terrell “T.O.” Owens (Image source: Instagram – @terrellowens)

NFL Hall of Famer Terrell Owens put a man on the pavement in Los Angeles after reportedly harassing and threatening the football great and a fan who was conversing with him.

Owens, aka “T.O.”, had stopped by a CVS in Inglewood at about 11:30 p.m. to grab some necessities when a fan approached him to have a conversation.

That’s when a third person came up to them in the store and began harassing the fan. He also threatened to beat both of them up, and the argument spilled outside, TMZ reports.

Once outside the store, according to the eyewitness, Owens was trying to de-escalate the situation between the three. But when the man reportedly took an aggressive swing at T.O., the former superstar wide receiver felt compelled to lay hands on the man.

After sizing each other up and both men swinging at each other, T.O. landed a punch to the chin that sent the unidentified man careening to the concrete.

After a few seconds, the man got back on his feet but his aggressive tone had disappeared. Owens can be seen talking authoritatively to the man as the confrontation was being recorded from someone’s phone inside their car. However, the words are not audible.

Once T.O. determined that his right hook sent the proper message, he walked back to his Tesla and drove off.

Despite being 48-years-old, Owens takes pride in remaining in optimum physical conditioning, and on this particular day, the heckler found that out the hard way.

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