Shocking information Bobby Shmurda revealed in NBA YoungBoy Instagram exchange

The New York emcee went back-and-forth with the Louisiana sensation
Shocking information Bobby Shmurda revealed in NBA YoungBoy Instagram exchange
Bobby Shmurda (Image souce: Instagram – @itsbobbyshmurda)

Bobby Shmurda made some bold claims in a recent back-and-forth with NBA YoungBoy.

On Math Hoffa’s podcast, Shmurda-affliate Rowdy Rebel said that accused King Von killer, Lul Tim shouldn’t have started shooting Von when he saw him get into a physical altercation with his friend, Quando Rondo. Rebel said he should’ve used the gun as a warning tactic to get everyone to flee the scene alive. Shmurda went on his Instagram story and said rappers always talk about who their friends have shot and killed “but what you gone do?”

NBA YoungBoy then responded on Instagram: “You n—- irrelevant and I said what I said,” Youngboy said. “You n—- need a n— like me to keep you going … then, this flunk a– n— [Rebel] want another n—- to jump out the truck, pump fake and then get shot in his face? Man, you sound stupid as the f—, man … then you d—- out abut a man you didn’t know. B—, you didn’t even take no flowers to this man grave. I guarantee you did not take one flower to this man grave.”

Shmurda then went on Instagram Live and said he wasn’t even talking about YoungBoy in the first place. He then went on to say he would “boom” hip-hop personalities like Wack100 and DJ Akademiks “on camera” for instigating his initial words on his “dead grandma.”

The New York rapper then dropped his most surprising fact on Live.

“Baby, I’m 2-0 on the year,” Shmurda said. “On parole.”

Shmurda was released from prison in February after serving six years for conspiracy and weapons possession. When released, he agreed to be under community supervision until February 2026.

Later the same night, Shmurda said his parole officer and managers began calling him with concern after he said he’s “2-0” this year while on parole.

“I do not want no problems,” Shmurda said. “I just came out of prison. I remember only making $7-10,000 a week on the block, I’m good.”

YoungBoy then responded to Shmurda again and said he didn’t want to invite any violence to him, repeating his recent public announcement to stop the violence.

“Stop the violence and I’ll pay you to help me,” YoungBoy said. “I’m real life serious, bruh.”

YoungBoy then said he was going to deactivate his Instagram.

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