LaKisha Mosley helps curate online events for women to improve their visibility

The pandemic brought on a new era of virtual events, and many savvy business owners were unable to keep up with the times, and that’s where the LaKisha Mosley experience comes in
LaKisha Mosley helps curate online events for women to improve their visibility
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Rolling out recently interviewed LaKisha Mosley, founder of the LaKisha Mosley Experience. She is an online event producer and strategist who helps clients create high engagement and unique online events that help increasetheir visibility and their profits.

Tell us what prompted you to enter this line of business.

I started event planning after planning my vow renewal. I’m currently divorced, so while the marriage didn’t last, my love for event planning did. I had so much fun planning the vow renewal and I made so many connections that I decided to start doing that after being laid off from a job. I never thought my business would grow into what it has. I think I accidentally found my calling with event planning because it was never something I set out to learn or do.

We love that your brand helps women gain visibility and power. But what does women’s empowerment mean to you?

Women’s empowerment means using my influence to potentially influence change in and for other women. It means impacting women on a level where they see their self-worth and make choices relative to that.

How does it feel being a Black woman at this moment in time?

It feels absolutely amazing to be a Black woman at this moment in time. Women have always had superpowers to me. With the birthing of our children to literally singlehandedly caring for our families and communities, Black women just make things happen and sometimes without much help. Now it seems that is not only seen but recognized. The world can no longer deny our greatness. And what is also great about it is that we haven’t stopped. The accolades and recognition are great however, we don’t do it for the praise. We do it for the betterment of our families and communities.

What would you say are some of your greatest achievements?

Some of my greatest achievements are “retiring” myself from grocery retail management during the pandemic to become a full-time entrepreneur. Making my first six figures that year [2020]. Being recognized by BlogHer as a blogger to follow. Creating a mental health safe space called “Mind Your Business” to bring awareness to the mental illness pandemic and removing the stigma surrounding seeking health. Curating a mental health summit for the past two years called “My Mind is My Business.”

Those are amazing achievements. So, what do you have in store in the near future?

Some of my goals and plans are to continue to show the benefits of hosting online events for your business. I want to take my mental health summit live in some major cities around the U.S. I want to grow my mental health awareness initiative bringing more awareness to mental health and how it affects the Black community. I want to get more into creating digital products.

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