Chuck D demands that Elon Musk ban the N-word as he did the swastika

Chuck D points out the hypocrisy of banning the swastika but not the N-word
Chuck D demands that Elon Musk ban the N-word as he did the swastika
Chuck D (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Venerated rap dignitary Chuck D is demanding that new Twitter owner Elon Musk ban the N-word on the social media app as he has the swastika.

Reports have been flying around that the use of the racial epithet skyrocketed once Musk acquired Twitter for billions of dollars back in October 2022.

Chuck D is dismayed that Musk has done little to nothing to stem the rising tide of hate speech on Twitter.

Chuck made the demand after Kanye West was suspended from Twitter for tweeting an image of a swastika inside the Star of David. The tech billionaire said the post violated the platform’s rule against inciting violence.

Interestingly enough, Musk has not yet responded to Chuck D about banning the N-Word.

After some Twitter users tried to come for Chuck D, the Public Enemy frontman clapped back. 

“Social Media’s pet dog … hey the original MC rule was never get lazy with W O R D S,” he typed on Twitter. “They have impact … some folk gettin all a– hurt because I suggested taking one bad tooth out of their keyboard grill. It’s not censorship it’s against stupid s—. Everything is mixed in 1 BS bowl.”

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