How amorphous went from ‘being broke’ to producing for Mariah Carey

The musician’s entire life has changed over the past 3 years
How amorphous went from 'being broke' to producing for Mariah Carey
Producer and DJ amorphous (Photo credit: Rashad Milligan for rolling out)

MIAMI − As amorphous breaks down his setup, multiple attendees of an Art Basel Miami Beach Week 2022 brunch sponsored by American Express, all eyes are on the 24-year-old musician.

“This year, Resy and American Express celebrated the intersection of food, art and culture during Art Week in Miami with a four-day pop-up that also featured the return of SAVOR & SOUL™, a unique dining experience celebrating Black art, chefs and culture,” Marques Zak, director, cultural platforms at American Express, said to rolling out. “Through this event series, we are building on our deep efforts to support underrepresented communities by once again creating a multicultural experience for card members and guests during art’s biggest week.”

He receives requests to take professional photos and selfies, as well as an interview. The DJ calmly accepted all those who approached him with grace and politeness. It’s a common occurrence for amorphous now, who had to scrape pennies to order meals at the Jack in the Box fast-food restaurants in Los Angeles. Amphorous spoke to rolling out after the event about his life post-going viral.

What has Art Basel Miami Beach been like?

It’s a blessing to be out here for American Express. They flew me out, so I’m definitely happy to be here and play some good vibes. Art Basel’s always been an amazing sense of community, so I’m grateful to be a part of it.

How has life changed for you?

Everything changed. I went from being a broke little kid in LA with nothing to eat, Ramen noodles. I had to get like 50 cents from Bandcamp [music streaming app] to go eat at Jack in the Box. It was bad.

So now, I’m in a position where I can provide for my mom, my family and take care of myself. And I can do that by being myself creatively. It’s the biggest blessing in the world. I don’t take it for granted at all.

What was it like to provide so much joy for people around the world in the first year of the pandemic?

That’s been my biggest dream is to inspire people ever since I was little. I always used to dance, rap, sing, produce, all the little stuff in front of our teachers just trying to get a reaction of joy out of people. For that to have happened during a really rough time for so many people in this world, I couldn’t ask for a bigger platform and blessing that was given to me. It’s just such an amazing feeling.

Congratulations on the Mariah Carey placement. How was that?

Working with Mariah Carey has been weird. I’ll just put it like that. I’m only 24 I’m about to be 25 in a few days, actually. I’m a New Year’s Eve baby. If you look at my career so far, I’ve worked with Mariah Carey, I’ve worked with Brandy and so many legends already. I’m just grateful and it’s all thanks to the support. I wouldn’t be here without it.

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