Tabitha Brown shares 3 tips on how to make change through your platform

Actress was the keynote speaker for Salesforce’s 5th annual ‘Representation Matters’ summit

Tabitha Brown shares 3 tips on how to make change through your platform

Salesforce recently hosted its fifth annual race equality summit on Dec. 8. titled “Representation Matters” to have important conversations on how to inspire, empower and celebrate communities that lack representation in not only the workforce but through the media channels of the world. The event was presented by the consulting service Deloitte Digital, which helps businesses reach their objectives through digital strategy to elevate the human experience. The keynote speaker for the evening was Tabitha Brown.

Known as ‘America’s mom’ she is a two-time Emmy-nominated actress, two-time New York Times bestselling author, and vegan lifestyle proponent. Not only does she have an original children’s series on YouTube called “Tab Time,” but she also has a vegan cooking competition show on Food Network called “CompliPlated.”

In her warm and inviting voice, Brown was able to open up on some things that bring her peace in her everyday life and how she built a genuine following of 13 million followers.

“My mom used to tell me, and you know I’m a talker but she used to say, ‘when you see people and you say hey, how are you doing? If you don’t mean it, don’t say it.’ But she was like, ‘if you mean it, you can change someone’s day. So make time to see them when you say hey, how are you doing? Make eye contact and let them know I see you,’ ” Brown shared.

Here are three tips she left with the audience on ways to make a positive impact through your platform and the world.

Be honest; be consistent; do everything rooted in love.

“That’s why we all have a heart. The intention was for us to lead with love in everything we do. That was the intention for all of us. It’s really simple if we think about it. There’s no other reason for us to have a heart. He could have called it something else. It could have been something that works in our leg. If you think about it, it’s something that we all have and we all love naturally. We don’t like naturally but we all love naturally,” she said.

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