Why Martin Lawrence says Chris Rock did not deserve to get slapped

The friend of both actors weighed in on the incident
Why Martin Lawrence says Chris Rock did not deserve to get slapped
Martin Lawrence (Photo credit: Bang Media)

Will Smith’s name has begun to surface again because of his latest film Emancipation, leading people to bring up the Oscars slap with Chris Rock all over again.

Martin Lawrence, a friend of both Smith and Rock, weighed in on the incident involving the two actors in a recent interview with “The Art of Dialogue.”

“Well, it hurt me to see that happen,” Lawrence said. “Because I know both of them. Both of them are my brothers.”

Lawrence has worked with Smith numerous times, including on the Bad Boys movie and sequels. Lawrence says he reached out to both Smith and Rock after the Oscars.

“When it happened, I texted both of them after it happened, just to see how they were doing and everything,” Lawrence said. “It was just an unfortunate situation.”

Lawrence then gave his honest opinion on what he saw that night and thinks things should have gone differently.

“Will wasn’t in the right space that night and Chris Rock didn’t deserve that,” Lawrence said. “It’s like seeing your brothers fighting and you don’t want to see your brothers fighting. Chris Rock didn’t deserve that at all.”

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